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An interview essay is a written document that presents the information gathered from an interview with a person. The purpose of an interview essay is to provide a detailed account of the interviewee's life, experiences, and insights. It is important to follow a specific format when writing an interview essay to ensure that it is organized and easy to read.

The format for an interview essay typically consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction of an interview essay should provide background information on the person being interviewed and the purpose of the interview. It should also include a thesis statement that outlines the main points that will be discussed in the essay.

Body paragraphs: The body paragraphs of an interview essay should present the information gathered from the interview in a logical and organized manner. Each body paragraph should focus on a specific topic or theme that was discussed during the interview. It is important to use direct quotes from the interviewee to provide authentic and detailed accounts of their experiences and insights.

Conclusion: The conclusion of an interview essay should summarize the main points discussed in the essay and provide a final analysis or reflection on the interviewee's experiences and insights. It should also restate the thesis statement and provide a sense of closure for the reader.

Here is an example of an interview essay format:


In this essay, we will be discussing the life and experiences of John Smith, a successful business owner and entrepreneur. John has had a diverse career, including working in the corporate world, starting his own business, and serving as a mentor to young professionals. The purpose of this interview was to gain insight into John's journey and to learn about the lessons he has learned along the way.

Body paragraphs:

One of the key themes that emerged from the interview with John was the importance of hard work and determination. John emphasized that he has always been willing to put in the extra effort and go above and beyond to achieve his goals. He shared a story about how he landed his first job out of college by taking the initiative to meet with the CEO of the company, despite the fact that he was not actively seeking new hires at the time. John's persistence paid off, and he was offered the job on the spot.

Another theme that emerged from the interview was the value of networking and building strong relationships. John emphasized that he has always made a point to get to know people in his industry and to seek out opportunities to collaborate and learn from others. He talked about how he was able to start his own business with the help of a mentor who introduced him to the right people and provided valuable guidance and support.


Through this interview with John Smith, we have gained insight into the life and experiences of a successful business owner and entrepreneur. John's story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and the importance of building strong relationships. His insights and advice are valuable to anyone looking to pursue a career in business or entrepreneurship.

An interview essay is a type of paper in which you conduct an interview with someone and then write about it. This type of essay allows you to get personal and direct information from a person who has firsthand knowledge or experience on a particular topic. In this way, an interview essay is a valuable tool for learning and gaining new insights.

The format of an interview essay will depend on the specific guidelines provided by your instructor or the publication you are submitting to. However, there are some general elements that are typically included in an interview essay.

First, you will need to introduce the person you are interviewing and provide some context for the interview. This might include a brief overview of the person's background or their role in relation to the topic of the interview.

Next, you will need to describe the actual interview process. This might include details about where and when the interview took place, as well as any specific questions you asked and the responses you received. It's important to be as accurate and objective as possible when reporting on the interview, so it's a good idea to take thorough notes during the interview and to review them carefully before writing your essay.

After describing the interview, you will need to analyze and interpret the information you gathered. This might involve highlighting key themes or points that emerged during the interview, drawing connections between the interviewee's responses and other sources of information, or offering your own insights and conclusions based on the interview.

Finally, you will need to wrap up your essay by summarizing your findings and drawing any final conclusions. You might also want to reflect on the experience of conducting the interview and how it has influenced your understanding of the topic.

Overall, the format of an interview essay will depend on the specific requirements of your assignment or publication. However, by following these general guidelines, you can create a well-structured and insightful essay that presents the information you gathered from your interview in a clear and engaging way.

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interview essay format example

Now comes the trickier part of the task. Thus, you can gain inspiration or useful information to simplify your essay. Why is it important to have a peer interview? We value academic integrity and ensure our examples are 100% original. How to Start an Interview Essay State your Question The presentation of a decent meeting exposition should determine what the essential inquiry you need to answer is. You can also establish a warm acquaintanceship with your interviewee if they can see you.


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interview essay format example

Use this information to craft a memorable introduction that will engage your readers and enlighten them about the unique person interviewed. Take a few minutes of your precious time and tell us about yourself: where do you work for and how long have you been working in this profession? Where Can I Find Interview Essays? Hello, my name is Kate, I have been working as an architect for almost 6 years. Revised on December 17 2020. It could be about your learning from the interview, a call to action, or a brief But keep in mind, this would depend on your purpose for writing the essay. Rather, there is a bigger chance they will not accept you. This could be based on ones personal experiences or their own input on a given matter.


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The matter is it ought to be grounded and reasonable. It is basically exactly the same thing as a live meeting aside from it is imparted in a composed structure so competitors can take as much time as is needed to create their answers. Be sure to include all the information required of you in your finished work. I was able to follow on the gradual change in how the society views sexuality which, according to my respondent was not a good thing, but has been fascinated by contemporary changes such as busy lifestyles, available laws and increased cross cultural interactions. Expound on these answers.


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An Interview essay writing should have a base, so it will be elegantly composed and the considerations that are incorporated inside the composing coordinate. Consider recording your own thoughts and reflections as you go, being careful to differentiate them from the thoughts of your subject in your notes. Make certain to cite, reword, and sum up your sources. Published on November 6 2020 by Raimo Streefkerk. You may feel more assured about the interview itself if you read your questions aloud to yourself. Besides the main parts of your essay including the introduction body and conclusions we recommend you start preparing your paper with an interview essay outline which will show the logical structure of your work and help you with maintaining the main idea throughout the whole paper.


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interview essay format example

They might make a strong focus for your thesis if they refer to certain values repeatedly. And dont forget to include quotes and add personal feelings. For example, assuming you met a scholar to spread mindfulness about the compelling force of nature, it is ideal to finish up your exposition with a source of inspiration. This might need a lot of time and energy , but with proper planning and organization, you can achieve writing a good summary report. Be Consistent with Your Writing Consistency should also be a part of your essay writing.


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If you are recording the meeting, ensure you utilize every one of the appropriate responses as they are, with no changes. You can follow these guidelines or check out a sample interview essay to better visualize, what to write about. Do not experiment too much with customers. APA reference lists only include works that can be found by the reader. Pick a Good Question: You will pose a specific inquiry about a subject of your decision to a few unique individuals. How to Write a Personal Interview in APA Format List the meeting by the name of the interviewee.


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Do not be too shy either, rather be professional about it. The American Psychological Association citation format is the most commonly accepted writing style guide for the social sciences and involves concise in-text citations accompanied by full reference list at your papers conclusion. No matter how high you rate your writing abilities, it's always a worthy idea to check out a competently written research paper example, especially when you're. Only in this case the interview will be interesting to the reader. However, even with the sensitivity associated with discussions on sexuality at the time, my respondent agrees that, perhaps, proper education around the topic could help in making people understand themselves better. When I master this wonderful profession, I will make people fashionable and beautiful hairstyles that they look good.


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We are a professional service with experience in the academic writing industry. Here is the interview When you have settled on the thing you will write in every specific piece of your paper, or even before that; there is one more significant interesting point — you are to pick your meeting exposition design. Bring a pad and pen to jot down their words. There are several important points, knowing about which in advance, you can avoid many mistakes in working on interview essay. Because emails are not retrievable by other readers the APA considers these as personal communicationsThey should be cited only in-text just as other interview sources and should not be included in your reference list.